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Mysteries of Armenia

From the Publisher


We are pleased to present to your attention the project 100 Mysteries of Armenia. We believe it to be a unique product worked out by an expert team who has discovered the mysteries of the country and its culture. Another peculiarity of the project is that it is presented in various formats: as a mini encyclopaedia, a richly-designed album, and a guidebook.
Despite their millennium-long history, the topics presented in the book are primarily future-oriented. The main purpose of the book is to inspire the readers to rediscover more than hundreds of pearls preserved with care for our generation and the further generations of Artsakh and Armenia.
Of no less importance is the fact that the project is just a part of important and creative path, leading all of us to the future. Recently, we have presented to your attention the first part of the Greater Armenia Series, an album introducing 100 most outstanding Armenians of the twentieth century.
We expected the project to provoke more questions than to provide answers. Even though we introduced only 100 from thousands of honourable people, the main goal was reached. The readers learnt the life stories of the greatest representatives of the Armenian nation, people who can be regarded as heroes of the present and the future. We expect this project to achieve the same results.
After having studied the mysteries, each of us will feel entitled or even liable to carry on searching for more mysteries of Artsakh and Armenia. In this respect, the search matters more than the mysteries themselves. Thus, new mysteries and values remain to be discovered.
We wish you a beautiful journey and further discoveries.

Gaguik Zakarian
Uniastrum Bank President

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