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The great Kingdom of Van was established on the territory of the Armenian plateau in the 9th century BC. Traditionally regarding the area as a place of worship of reviving Nature, neighboring nations called the new kingdom Ararat, or Urartu according to the Assyrian transcription. And even though it existed for less than three hundred years, it was recognized all over the world. Basalt stones describing the great deeds of powerful kings, the steles, make the advanced stage of its development self-evident. A well-preserved stele that belonged to the rulers of Ararat has been found on the territory of Zvartnots Cathedral, 20 km west from Yerevan. The cuneiform carved on behalf of King Rusa II consists of 47 lines and recounts the King’s economic activity, especially the construction of irrigation canal. Surprisingly enough, the irrigation system that was built about three thousand years ago is still in perfect working order.

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