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Mysteries of Armenia

Through the Keyhole

100_0576The round or oval holes in one or several plates constitute an important detail of many tombs covered with a flat stone vault. For prehistoric people, such holes allowed the soul of the dead to communicate with the outer world. That is the reason why in archaeology they were figuratively honored as soul departure holes. Such architectural monuments can also be found in the dolmens of Germany, England, France, Italy, Palestine and Persia. At the same time, half of the 2200 megalithic tombs in Indian Deckhan contain such apertures. The distinguishing capacity of Armenian memorials is that there are 2-3 cm holes in the menhirs surrounding the dolmens. They are particularly numerous in the stones of  Zorats Karer. This has brought forward an assumption that the monument is not a memorial construction, but rather an ancient observatory. In other words, it was through such openings that the first astronomers of the plateau learnt about the universe. Another argument that has favoured this viewpoint was the rich collection of stone instruments, which might have served as a device for space observations. It is also believed that the arrangement of the megaliths corresponds to the phase changes in the firmament, which supposedly took place in the period from the 9th to the 2nd millennium BC.

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