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Mysteries of Armenia

The Mystic Megalith

100_0590_misticheskiy_megalitTens of kilometers away from the rock drawings of the volcanic mountain range in Syunik, one can see a monument, the destination of which still constitutes a topic of heated discussions. Some researchers claim that back in the 3rd- 2nd millennium BC, on the mysterious territory of Zorats Karer (Mighty Stones), existed an orbed sanctuary. In its center, there was a large dolmen, i.e. a sepulchral mound with stone walls and roofing, surrounded by vertically arranged isolated monoliths, menhirs. Others think the monument to be much older. According to them, this territory already served as an observatory in the 5th millennium BC.

Encircled with lofty mountains, the area is indeed staggering. About 300 vertical monoliths are set up on a territory of seven hectares. The altitude of some of them is over two meters. The megaliths form two rings of different diameters, and the central minor ellipse of the monument (45×36 meters) is made up of 40 stones. Zorats Karer reminds the famous Stonehenge in many respects. In autumnal equinox, one can see the sunrise right above the gates of the eastern sector of the central ellipse, just like in midsummer, when the Sun rises over Stonehenge’s menhir isolated from the circle.

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