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054_2_observatoria_mecamorLocated on the homonymous volcanic hill, Metsamor Observatory is one of the most ancient ones in the world. The hill is situated in the Ararat Valley and occupies a territory of only 30 hectares. The Observatory has several grounds, the first of which has preserved an image of the starry sky. On the other hand, the location of individual stars gives the scientists reasons to assume that back in the 4th – 3rd millennium BC the astronomers of Metsamor were already able to observe Sirius. Meanwhile, various directive instruments, such as compasses and supervising tools, were found on the third ground. The galleries, however, were not of mere scientific value. It is known that in the early Bronze Age they used to serve as cults. This evidence is supported by the ruins of the ancient sanctuary on the minor cone. Such monuments have also been found in other parts of the Ararat Valley, especially on the Mokhrablur Hill. The presence of sanctuaries and their unique arrangement around the periphery of the astronomic grounds favour the hypothesis of the existence of established pagan practice long before the mentioned period.

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