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Mysteries of Armenia

Enchanter of the Element

100_1534_vozdushniy_zmeyIn prehistoric Armenia there was a cult of kite which was considered to be the symbol of soil-fertilizing lightening. Powerful bursts of charged particles, accompanied by thunder and lightening, were identified with celestial ejaculation. The legend of open heavens entailed a tradition that is dated for New Year (11 August). The ritualized dramatization of abundant downpour in the summer heat used to be accompanied by the ceremony of ablution and the launching of the kite-dragon, which embodied the water element. In the hope of forthcoming rain, people would perform a conjuration dance. In heathen Armenia, the celebration enjoyed high popularity and was called Vardavar. The ritual was probably widely spread all over the Near East. In particular, the term Vardavar was found in the vocabulary of the Hattites, and interestingly enough, is translated as to pour water. With the adoption of Christianity it was adapted to the day of Transfiguration (the 14th Sunday after Easter). The origin of Vardavar dates not only to the remote ages, but to the mountains as well. On the slopes of the Serpent Mountain, one can see a petroglyph of kite which is probably over five thousand years old.

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