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Mysteries of Armenia

The Magic Gates

100_1691_vorota_snarugiOne can find unique models of architectural mimicry in the foothills of the Ararat Valley. The tradition of fairytale gates cut through the parent material remains one of the most intriguing issues in history. Their mystery consists in the fact that the gates are so much merged with the mountain that an ill-informed man is virtually unable to find their location. The archaeologists discovered large patterns of such monuments at the border of the 19th – 20th centuries, on the slopes of the Sesame mountain range, around Lake Van. The stone stairs alongside with the mysterious gates immediately attracted the orientalists’ attention. The latter contend that Mt Sesame formed the basis of the famous fairytale of Ali-Baba and Forty Thieves. The territory of present-day Armenia still preserves the mysterious gates approaching which one involuntarily wants to pronounce the magic words Open Sesame! One of such gates is situated 40 km west from Yerevan, on the territory of Udjan village. When tightly closed, it really becomes invisible against the overall background of the mountain. This very circumstance predetermined the appearance of a later tradition to pronounce aloud the spell addressed to magical gates.

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