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069_10_kamennye_stupeniArmenian history specialists have repeatedly addressed the mysterious issue of the ladder corridors hacked directly through the rocks. Various versions have been put forward concerning both the date of their origin, and their destination. A similar monument lies on the Yelpin Crag situated 105 km south from Yerevan. Although it is slightly over 50 m high, it is best to have special training before climbing it, even despite the presence of the stairs that lead to the peak. The foothill itself presents a rather shallow grotto with polished walls that are called mehyan (pagan temple). The etymology of the name has been traced to the ancient cult of Mher (Mihr), and many historians view it as a key to the mystery. Obeying the will of his parents’ shadows, Mher settles on the Crow’s rock, where he must reside until the establishment of justice on the Earth. Twice a year he steps over the stone wall to find out the current distribution of power and perhaps to announce the approach of the specified date. The interrelation between Mher and the mountain is reflected in the ancient legends about the hero’s birth out of the rock. Many specialists assert that the very scene of confinement of the representative of the epic family to the Crow’s rock is the missing part of the Avestian Mihr’s Mysteries. Such a conclusion is suggested by the herald of the coming changes, the symbol of one great loop termination and the beginning of a new one, the crow. The proponents of the mentioned version contend that the stairs of the Yelpin rock symbolize the gradual approach of the rule of justice on the Earth.

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