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Mysteries of Armenia

The Site of Ancient Settlement

100_0676_gorodishe_kamennoe_gilisheA unique complex of ancient constructions lies in the Agaru River Gorge. The river head of this longest inflow of the Vorotan springs from a Karabakh volcanic massif and is fed by the rivulets of the mountainous Dali Region. The 113-km-long river forms several canyons on its way. A site of ancient settlement, dating from the Mesolithic Age, is situated in one of them, near the village of Kornidzor, 300 km south from Yerevan. It has not yet been fully investigated, although the first effort shows that the settlement did not emerge spontaneously like many of the streamside ones, but was rather built by a devised plan. This explains the fact that the stone dwellings of the settlement form two arched curves going down parallel to the river-bed. The extension of each terrace is about 100 m and presupposes the presence of twelve structures with a distance of two to ten meters in between. This ancient settlement was supposedly a tribal site or a family colony. The dwellings have a pyramidal shape and are made from enormous tuff clods (up to 200 kg and even more) cemented with egg-lime mortar. The height of the roof is about two meters. The number of such ancient settlements on the territory might be much greater. The restoration of the architectural and cultural aspect of the settlement certainly requires further investigation and additional work.

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