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Mysteries of Armenia

The First Architect

100_9376_arka_pesheryThe beginning of the Middle Stone Age was marked by the acquisition of the first architectural skills. If men formerly occupied only natural rock cavities (grottos, sheds, recesses and caves) without trying to put them into a more expressive shape, about ten thousand years ago they began to feel the urge for interior decorations. On the territory of Armenia plateau the formation of the first architecture emerged in the form of the grinding of internal walls. They were usually leveled and more rarely made utterly flat. A grotto with flat walls can be found in Yelpin village, located in the deep hollow of the Vayk mountain range (however, it primarily served as a place for holding rite celebrations rather than as lodging).

At the same time they built the front access doorway into the dwelling, which was crowned by a conical or arched covering cut through the parent material. In some cases, minor arched bays were laid inside the caves, thus forming separate indoor space which apparently bore certain religious significance. The picturesque slope of the the Khachaghbyur River Gorge is one of the earliest cradles of cave architecture. Located inside a dense wood, the complex of Little Anapat, which has been populated for thousands of years, is an exceptional blend of natural and handmade recesses. Ever since the Mesolithic period the arched recess hacked through the inner part of the grotto has been one of the most important steps taken by the man towards the zenith of architecture.

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