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Mysteries of Armenia

Through Thick and Thin

100_1465_shakinskiy_vodopadA large settlement of prehistoric people was discovered at the confluence of the Shaki Rivulet and the stormy Vorotan, the 178-km-long inflow of the Araks River flowing down the Syunik plateau. The area presents a gorge abundant in mountain recesses and relatively deep grottos. Men’s material relics were found here, including remains of ashes dating from Early Stone Age. One of the humble inflows of the Vorotan, the Shaki River, is only 18 km long. It forms a stunning waterfall idolized by the ancients. Dashing down from a height of 40 m, the vast body of water fills the air with primeval freshness harmonizing well with the maiden image of the Paleolithic caves. On this microscopic portion of the plateau men evolved at a tremendous speed. However, specialists joke that evolution here moved forward in macroscopic steps. The area around Shaki waterfall is a unique archaeological pantry. More than ten ancient grottos have been discovered on this territory. The International Scientific Association contends that it should by all means be converted into a reserve.

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