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Mysteries of Armenia

The Cone of the New Times

maliy_araratThe shaping of the ancients’ psychology and the formation of fundamental beliefs were accompanied by intensive convulsions of nature. The early notions of the devilish origin of subterranean fire were born just then. Volcanoes were associated with fire-spitting dragons. The relief formations that appeared before the inhabitants’ very sight became Little Ararat, which counts over 150–200 thousand years. Provided the evolution of men on the territory of the Mountainous Island is presented on an ordinary dial-plate, it will become clear that the cone of this stunning volcano had only appeared by the eighteenth hour of its life.

According to some version, Little Ararat is a mono-genic volcano which was formed after a single eruption. There is yet another viewpoint, however, suggesting that it erupted repeatedly, up to the end of the Stone Age. The absolute height of the mountain is 3925 m. Although it looks like a monogenic formation, it actually consists of four hills facing each other. During intensive melting of snow the basin between them turns into a lake. One can even see ruins of ancient cemetery preserved on its southeastern slope. Legend has it that the tombs of the Armenian kings of the first generation were situated on the very slopes of Mt Ararat.

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