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Mysteries of Armenia

Satan’s Slope

074_2_obsidianoviy_sklonA great number of mysteries are kept on the first piece of land inhabited by men, the obsidian slopes of Arteni volcano. Acid convulsions of nature occurred not only on the territory of Armenia. The craters of Abyssinia also erupted volcanic glass (obsidian). As Plenius Senior put it, it was the legendary Obsidian that the mineral got its name from. On the Armenian plateau this stone with cutting edges was commonly associated with the devil’s extremities impaling the Earth’s surface. For this it was called Satan’s Nail. The obsidian, however, has yet another name, vanakat. The richest fields of jobbing vanakat are particularly abundant in Armenia. On the slopes of Satan’s hill, Satan-Dar, were found such implements as hand knife-blades, trickles, drawing-knives, sharp-pointed tools, and discs. This archaeological material is beyond any precise explanation and can be submitted to various possible interpretations. Not so long ago there emerged new data favoring the hypothesis that the tools discovered on the hill are up to one million years old.

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