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Mysteries of Armenia

Erupting Mysteries

100_1254_aragac_obshiy_vid01The origin of Mt Aragats, the greatest volcano of the Armenian plateau is still a subject of controversy. The mount extends over 3000 sq km, a value exceeding Great Ararat twice as much. Its base is more than 200 km in diameter; whereas the highest peak of the plateau is 100 km. Mt Aragats is crowned by four peaks surrounding an enormous ice hole. The Northern Peak reaches 4092 m, the height of the Western Peak is 4080 m, the Eastern Peak and the Southern Peak are 3916 and 3879 m in height respectively.

A crater over 400 m in depth and 4 km in diameter is located among the peaks. The peaks survived the enormous eruption, which had destroyed a whole mountain chain. The geomorpohologists believe Mt Aragats to have exceeded its present height in the past. The date of the volcano formation still remains a mystery. Some specialists tend to think that the mount appeared approximately 30 million years ago, at the end of the Paleolithic Age, implying that it is much older than Great Ararat, while another hypothesis claims the opposite.

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