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Mysteries of Armenia

The Salt of the Earth

071_solonchakovskaya_pustinya01The origin of the water-logged grounds on the Ararat Valley has long been a subject of disputes. The dry climate and high volatility factors of the Arax Plains prevented swamplands from growing. Recently it has been discovered that the water-logged grounds of the valley are fed by natural waters flowing under thick lava covers of the Ararat Range. Thawing and degradation progress take place regularly and the water under the original ground is constantly pressed and flows out. Its rapid evaporation contributes to intensive salt settling. The Bible apologists claim the volcano still filters the water of the Flood and the white mineral which gets accumulated in this way is the Salt of the Earth. A similar salt desert has survived in Yeraskhahun. Among sparse flora one can come across goose-foot family plants such as thorn bushes and halophytes.

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