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Mysteries of Armenia

A Refuge for the Ark

101Great Ararat dominates the Ararat Valley for more than 4 km. Not many isolated volcanoes can compete with it. The relative height of its siblings Kilimanjaro, Orisaba and similar summits also makes 4300 m. This factor must account for particular interest in Great Ararat. Oddly enough, the biblical mountain symbolizing reproduction and recuperation is extinct. Covered with snows the volcano doesn’t form any surface waters but the small river Gina once irrigating the gardens of Akori settlement and spring sources in St. Jacob Gorge. Its slopes are entirely devoid of water and woodlands. Lava porosity accounts for river absence. Great Ararat is one of the rarest summits in the world, which absorbs thawed snow and precipitations. The waters absorbed by dry slopes reach an impermeable layer and flow to the bottom underground. Bible apologists claim this peculiarity of the volcano stopped the Flood. God knew where to send the Ark.

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