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Mysteries of Armenia

Jurassic Park

100_9529_krokodil_mozrov_peshera01The system of ancient seas Tethys was formed in the Proterozoic era, approximately 600 million years ago. In those times the territory of the Armenian plateau was not covered with water, though its separate parts had already turned into seabed. The original Flood took place already at the end of the Mesozoic era. It was then that the underground passages of the Claw’s Cave located on the spurs of the Vayk Range appeared. One travels both in time and space when studying those bags. Geological epochs which might have been separated by million years follow each other at a distance of some 100 m. The paleontologists still hope to find fossils in the cretaceous layers of the Armenian plateau. Still, the stalactite reptiles await the visitors at every turn. Jurassic Park welcomes the visitor with zoomorphic forms. Illuminated by searchlights the ichthyosaurus snout sticks out of the rocks and seems to shed real crocodile tears.

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