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Mysteries of Armenia

Shrouded in Dark

100_9550_falos_mozrov_peshera01The earlier relief shapes of the Armenian plateau are concaved. Unlike the young mountain ranges, they do not dominate the area but are out of the reach of sunlight. These degraded wells are not horizontal passage caves but vertical openings in a circular or cylindrical shape. Their average depth varies from 20 to 70 m, while the transverse diameter starts from 5 to 15 m. One of the deepest chasms is located 160 km to the south of Yerevan and is known as Mozrov Well. The underground bag created by solvent actions of the circulating waters fell, thus forming the well, which nowadays is perceived as a natural gallery. The last square centimetres of the original ground go deep to the earth for several scores of meters. It has turned into real guano, a pile of bones and droppings, rendering the well. There follows realm of stalactites, stalagmites, ice formations and tiff decorations on the cave walls and narrow tunnels, shrouded in darkness. The first hall is 30 m high and resembles a seabed. The second is relatively smaller than the first but is much richer in cave substance concentration and tiff decorations.

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