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Mysteries of Armenia

The Paleozoic Sea

100_9553_stoloktit_vodopad_mozrov_peshery01The gorge of the Arpa River is reminiscent of Devonian period, which started 410 million years ago. This is the age when amphibians first appeared and fish became abundant. Caves located on the rocky cavities of the ancient ocean are reminiscent of Devonian period in Armenia. When traveling 130 km to the south of Yerevan, visitors can come across a complex of caves with dendritic passages located on the slopes covered with limestone, quartzite argillaceous sandstone of the Vayk Range.

Bear’s Cave which is the largest among them is claimed not to have revealed all of its secrets yet. While it is believed to extend for more than tens of kilometers, only 3 or 4 kilometers of its span have been covered. It still remains a mystery whether the cave has got a through passage or not. One is likely to experience real adventures when walking through the halls with stalagmitic arcs and columns and admiring the 30-meter stalactitic waterfall, which serves as a stark reminder of water elements.

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