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Mysteries of Armenia

The Witnesses of the Earth’s Creation

img_2874_cakhkunyatskiy_khrebet_khosrov_zapovednik01The highest ranges in Armenia are the result of the most recent Alpine age, orogeny. Intensive elevations took place approximately 25 million years ago when the greater part of the plateau territory was still covered with water. The Great Sea started receding due to the constant growth of mountains. This, however, does not imply that the rocks and relief shapes of the Armenian plateau are less than 25 million years old. The territory of the country is a real geological treasury, to which distant epochs can be traced. Thus, the rocks making the base of the Pambak Range can be even two billion years old and the Proterozoic layers more than 570 million years old. The Tsaghkunyats Range amphiboles, gneiss, mica and migmatites can be traced to the most ancient magmatism period. Separate patterns approximately 2,7 billion years old strike with their age. Thus, they were to witness the initial stage of earth crust formation. The Tsaghkunyats Range is one of the most spectacular sites in Armenia; there are many waterfalls and lakes on its slopes. The rope chair Tsaghkadzor connects the bottom of the range with Tehenis, 2846 meters in height.

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