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Mysteries of Armenia

The Molten Mystery

100_9988-113Despite its elevation, the Armenian plateau has not got that extent of snow line, which is typical of other mountainous countries. The maximum concentration of ice forms can be observed on Great Ararat and extends about 20 sq km. As the Armenian plateau is closer located to the South, the line of altitude, above which there is permanent snow, is at the height of 4150–4250 m, an indicator relatively higher than that of the Alps and Great Caucasus. In Armenia one can hardly come across a relief typical of the Alps.

The Zangezour Range is the highest folded ranges in the region. Separate peaks reach an approximate height of 4000 m (Kapoutjough – 3904 m, Siskatar – 3827m), but ice covers are not typical of them. The mountains are covered with ice holes and snowfields and have preserved quaternary period traces. The Zangezour Range boasts such lakes as the Gazan, the Kaputan, the Kapuyt, and the Kajarants. One can ride along the Zangezour Range on the highway connecting Armenia with Iran. The pass height varies within the range of 2400–2600 m.

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