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Mysteries of Armenia

The Hill of Transformation

060_20_khor_virap_01The sister of King Tiridates III, Princess Khosrovidukht, was among the Armenian nobles that had adopted Christianity. She most likely underwent baptism in the 70s of the 3rd century. This woman was predestined to play a major role in the process of proclaiming Christianity as Armenia’s state religion. Right after the maidens’ execution the king fell ill, in all probability with mumps. At least later chronicle depicts Tiridates III as a pig. There has even been found a basalt stele with a similar image on it. The Princess told her brother about her vision, which said that the king would be cured only if Prophet Gregory was released after 14 years of imprisonment and if Christianity was unconditionally legalized. According to annals everything happened in full compliance with Khosrovidukht’s words. At the very beginning of the 4th century, the prison hill of Khor-Virap was officially canonized and the Illuminator’s dark dungeon was transformed into a church.

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