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Mysteries of Armenia

The Free Slopes

100_9672_peshery_khndzoreskThe number of adherents to Christianity significantly increased on the border of the 1st and 2nd centuries. According to the chronicle, Apostle Thaddeus educated 70 disciples, some of who were predestined to share the missionary’s fate. On the spot of disciple Dade’s murder was later built the church of Dadivank, in the vestibule of which archaeologists found the saint’s relics. The church is situated on the territory of historic Artsakh. In Armenia Christianity did not become a religion of the oppressed. The peculiarity of the ancient Armenian society was that it had the powerful class of free peasants and craftsmen. The virtual absence of slavery (in Egyptian or Roman sense) and the democratic social structure allowed historians to view the ancient Armenian way of life as an example of the earliest feudalism. In order to have some idea of the Armenians’ most ancient lifestyle, it is worth visiting the cave complex of Khndzoresk. The unique monument that has been populated for thousands of years is located 300 km south from Yerevan. The free people of Khndzoresk preserved their traditional way of life over a long period of time. And only in the middle of the 20th century they left the rock village once and for all.

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