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Mysteries of Armenia

The Armenian Spring

In early spring Armenian foothills remind of particoloured carpet woven from wildflowers that is often called Adamyan’s Lawn. It might seem to an outsider that such a scaled panel is a gigantic artificial flower-garden with well-marked heraldic contents. One can spot fragments of emblems and flags of princely dynasties and even the modern Armenian Tricolour. Great scientist Hovannes Adamyan had his own view of the multicoloured cover of the foothills of Mt Aragats.
“The world, especially the Armenian world, cannot be divided into black and white. There are many other colours. I must present the Armenian spring to the whole world”, said the inventor of fax and many other revolutionary novelties. The founder of colour television will achieve his dream in his fatherland later on. In the spring of 1925, world news agencies will broadcast a feature from Erivan: ”The first model of tricolour television Herates (translated as far-sighted from Armenian) has been launched in Armenia”.

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